Professional Liability

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When professionals are sued for malpractice, often they can feel like their world has been turned upside down. An effective defense can become a matter of personal pride and paramount importance. In such a time, the choice of who should provide the defense is a critical first step in restoring one's reputation. Our professional liability lawyers regularly represent professional clients in a broad range of malpractice liability matters in court and before disciplinary boards. Our lawyers evaluate, counsel and vigorously defend (and less frequently pursue) claims of professional liability. We have handled malpractice claims concerning diverse types of professionals, including attorneys, doctors, hospitals, nurses, nursing homes and other long-term care providers, psychologists, and other medical, healthcare, dental providers, and professionals in real estate, accounting, engineering, insurance, brokerage and other fields.



Our lawyers have defended attorney malpractice claims at trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts.  Our clients in these actions have included several large national law firms, as well as large and small firms and sole practitioners headquartered within New Mexico.  Our work with other professional clients has included representation individually and through insurance arrangements (such as errors and omissions or other coverage), in professional licensing proceedings, professional review panels, arbitrations, as well as court proceedings.  We have provided effective and empathetic representation and counsel to a broad array of professionals and professional service entities and providers.

Representative Matters

  • Keith v. ManorCare, Inc., 218 P.3d 1257 (N.M. App. 2009).  This case against our client, a nursing home, arose from the death of a woman in the home.  The Court of Appeals overturned a verdict against the nursing home, and the case settled after a writ of certiorari was granted by the New Mexico Supreme Court.
  • Glenborough Corp. v. Sherman & Howard, 910 P.2d 329 (N.M. App. 1995).  In this case, we defended a law firm in a legal malpractice case resulting from failed federal litigation against certain banks and the Resolution Trust Corporation.  The trial court granted summary judgment for the law firm, and the New Mexico Court of Appeals affirmed.
  • Lopez v. Southwest, 114 N.M. 2, 883 P.2d 1183 (Ct. App.), cert. denied (1992).  This case involved medical malpractice claims involving a severely brain-damaged infant.