Recruiting Schedule

Recruiting is a year-round process coordinated by Modrall Sperling's Recruiting Committee. Generally, on-campus interviewing takes place during the months of September and October. Applicants can expect Modrall Sperling's recruiting schedule to look something like this:

 Fall/Winter/Spring Recruiting

August - September  -------------- On-campus interviewing at select campuses
October  ---------------------------- Fly back interviews from on-campus second-year recruiting
November  ------------------------- Offers made to second-year candidates
December  ------------------------- Second-year candidates accept or decline offers
December - February  ------------- Interview first-year candidates; make any first-year offers
March  ------------------------------- Hiring for both first and second-years for the summer clerkships completed
March - May  ----------------------- Maintain contact with Summer Associates; obtain professional and personal interests; assists with housing needs

 Summer Program

May - August  ---------------------- Summer Associate Program
Early September   ----------------- Offers made to second-years for full-time positions and/or to first-years to return the following summer