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Telecommunications clients for years have operated on the cutting edge of fiercely competitive markets and challenging and evolving statutory and regulatory regimes that treat them as a special breed of enterprise with both private and public aspects. For these clients, nimble and knowledgeable counsel who can help establish business models and governmental affairs strategies that provide opportunities to succeed and thrive are critical. Our lawyers serving telecommunications clients have proven to be up to the challenges, including the challenges of litigation that sometimes are presented for these enterprises, and we are respected advocates within governmental circles.



Our lawyers have represented significant telecommunications clients in meeting a variety of their legal, administrative and legislative affairs needs. We have represented clients on siting and permitting matters, on real estate leasing and acquisitions transactions, and in proceedings before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC). We have lobbied on behalf of telecommunications companies with executive, agency and legislative officials. We have also pursued litigation on their behalf in our judiciary. In short, we have experience representing telecommunications clients with respect to regulatory affairs, marketplace transactions and disputes before all three branches of government. Our lawyers serve as trusted advisors who are involved with strategies that go to the core of the myriad legal issues surrounding the creative businessmen and women involved with this relatively unique and constantly advancing industry.