Articles by Year: 2009
Sep 11, 2009Developing Energy Projects on Federal Lands: Tribal Rights, Roles, Consultation, and Other Interests (A Developer's Perspective)
Aug 24, 2009Indian Country: Courts Split on Test and Outcome
Jul 23, 2009The End of the Federal Pre-emption Defense?
Apr 22, 2009Ninth Circuit Decides "Snowbowl" Case
Apr 03, 2009Ninth Circuit Holds Tribal Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over Federal Trademark Infringement and Related State Law Claims
Mar 25, 2009Designation of Energy Corridors on Federal Lands
Feb 17, 2009Proposed FMLA Bill (2/09)
Feb 13, 2009New Mexico Senate Bill 387 - Proposed Overhaul of the Natural Resources Trustee Act
Jan 21, 2009Navajo Nation Labor Commission Rules it Lacks Jurisdiction