Articles by Year: 2013
Dec 31, 2013Jemez Pueblo's Aboriginal Title Claims to the Valles Caldera Dismiss; Pueblo Appeals
Nov 13, 2013Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Issues Final Rule for Fee-to-Trust Procedures
Oct 31, 2013Tribal Payday Lending
Oct 16, 2013Bad News in the Latest UN Report on Climate Change
Oct 13, 2013Eighth Circuit Holds that Dish Network Must Exhaust Tribal Remedies
Sep 29, 2013The Navajo Supreme Court Highlights Importance of Jurisdiction to Tribal Courts
Sep 25, 2013Defense Win
Sep 17, 2013Constitution Day 2013 - Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
Sep 13, 2013New Mexico Court of Appeals Split Opinion Rules Tribal Sovereign Immunity Does Not Apply in Action to Declare Road Status on Tribal Fee Land
Aug 20, 2013Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Proposed Changes to Fee-to-Trust Procedures
Jul 15, 2013French Court Allows Auction of Sacred Hopi Artifacts to Proceed
Jul 05, 2013IRS Concludes Tribe May Pass on to Lessee Investment Credits Associated with Renewable Energy Asset
Jul 01, 2013Confidentiality Agreements and Due Diligence
Jun 25, 2013New Mexico Court of Appeals Affirms Ruling that a Parcel Within the Former Fort Wingate Military Reservation is "Indian Country"
Jun 15, 2013The Grand Canyon Sky Walk, Continued: Bad Faith, Jurisdiction, and Who's On (the Bench) First
May 30, 2013The Pueblo of Sandia's Leasing Regulations and What Businesses Need to Do to Enter into Leases
May 01, 2013Grand Canyon Sky Watch Arizona Federal Court Addresses Arbitration Enforceability
Apr 24, 2013Commercial Lease Provisions and Issues
Apr 20, 2013Salt River Project v. Lee Navajo Nation Held to Waive Regulation of Employment
Apr 19, 2013Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Sacred Sites and Traditional Cultural Properties and the Role of Consultation and Free, Prior, and Informed Consent
Apr 01, 2013BIA Issues Final Regulations Governing Residential, Business, and Wind and Solar Resource Leasing on Indian Lands
Mar 28, 2013Tribal Employment Laws: Legal and Cultural Considerations
Mar 20, 2013Is Federal Court the Right Court? Jurisdiction, Venue and Local Court Procedure
Mar 18, 2013Overview of Federal Rule 68 v. New Mexico Rule 1-068