Articles by Year: 2015
Dec 30, 2015Overview of the Twelve Objectives in New Mexico's New Energy Plan
Dec 22, 2015What Employers Need to Know About New Mexico's Domestic Abuse Leave
Dec 15, 2015New Mexico Has Some Unique Employment Laws
Dec 15, 2015Can You Challenge the Corps' Clean Water Act Jurisdictional Determinations Without First Going Through the Permit Process?
Dec 11, 2015BLM's Mancos Shale APD Approvals Survive Preliminary Injunction Motion Brought Within a NEPA Challenge
Dec 04, 2015EPA Assesses Potential for Hydraulic Fracturing to Impact Drinking Water Sourcesi
Nov 20, 2015BLM's Controversial Hydraulic Fracturing Rule is Postponed Nationwide
Nov 13, 2015The Clean Water Rule: Troubled Waters Ahead for the EPA and Corps
Oct 26, 2015To Evaluate or Not to Evaluate? A Question for New Mexico Employers
Oct 26, 2015An Employee's Bankruptcy Can Assist New Mexico Employers Defend Against The Employee's Claims
Oct 05, 2015Dependent Indian Communities: Existential Determination Impacts State and Federal (and Tribal?) Jurisdiction
Sep 28, 2015New Mexico State Court Judge Grants Summary Judgment For Employer in Medical Marijuana Case
Sep 08, 2015Southern Ute Sues to Bar Applying BLM's Fracking Rule to Tribal Oil and Gas
Aug 27, 2015New Mexico Employers Can Limit Liability Under The Faragher-Ellerth Defense
Aug 27, 2015New Rules For Participation In Employer Wellness Programs Proposed
Aug 27, 2015Pueblo of Jemez v. United States: Tenth Circuit Resurrects Land Claim – Unique Circumstance or Cloudy Title on the Horizon?
Aug 26, 2015Bagel Breakfasts are Back!
Aug 12, 2015Speaking Engagements
Jul 15, 2015Enforceability of Arbitration Provisions in Agreements with Tribes or Tribal Entities
Jul 01, 2015EEOC Recommends Pro-active Training and Well-defined Policies to Help Employers Protect Themselves Against Costly Employment Lawsuits
Jun 25, 2015Jurisdiction over Suits Against Tribal Entities or Employers
Jun 19, 2015Indian Reserved Water Rights: Groundwater Included
Jun 16, 2015Understanding and Planning for How Bankruptcy Might Impact Responsibility for Environmental Liabilities
Jun 12, 2015Washington Court Rules Property Tax Incentive Benefitting Indian Tribes Is Unconstitutional
Jun 04, 2015Federal District Court Upholds Uranium Mining Within a Traditional Cultural Property Without Further NEPA Review and With Abbreviated NHPA Consultation
Jun 01, 2015Favorable Employment Law Decision in Garcia v. APS
Jun 01, 2015Does the NLRB Have Jurisdiction over Tribal Entities? Congress or the 6th Circuit May Decide
May 28, 2015Balancing Opposing Cultural and Religious Beliefs on a Shared Reservation: Agency consideration of "Native American culture" not enough to demonstrate narrowly tailored compelling interest
May 17, 2015Employee Dress Codes: Balancing The Image Of The Company With the Individual Rights Of Employees
May 07, 2015Revised Draft Guidance Regarding Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change in NEPA Reviews
May 01, 2015Environmental Groups Sue to Stop Fracking Near Chaco Canyon
Apr 23, 2015Best Practices for Outside Counsel
Apr 21, 2015New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission Adopts New Produced Water Regulations
Apr 16, 2015No Mora Moratorium on Drilling
Mar 31, 2015BLM Publishes New Rule for Hydraulic Fracturing; Oil and Gas Groups Bring Challenge