Articles by Year: 2016
Dec 28, 2016New Mexico's Mancos Shale Development: "Go Ahead" to BLM on Oil and Gas Well Approvals is Affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals
Dec 02, 2016The ADEA Does Not Abrogate Tribal Sovereign Immunity: Eleventh Circuit Confirms Recent Trend
Nov 22, 2016Dakota Access Controversy: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Policy Review of Federal Government's Tribal Consultation Obligations, and Why This Matters to Us
Sep 27, 2016Guidance for Employers Dealing with Mental Illnesses in the Workplace
Sep 13, 2016BLM's Hydraulic Fracturing Rule Applicable to Indian Lands Is Back in Play—For Now
Sep 06, 2016Native American Trust Asset Reform Act Becomes Law: New Tribal Options, Questions Unanswered
Aug 30, 2016Recent Cases Confirm Sovereign Immunity
Aug 23, 2016The Silver Lining: Efficiencies in BIA's Newly Effective Right-of-Way Regulations
Aug 17, 2016Equally Divided United States Supreme Court Affirms Tribal Jurisdiction over Tort Claims Against Nonmembers
Aug 09, 2016BLM's Venting and Flaring Proposal
Aug 02, 2016New Rules and Draft Policy on Critical Habitat Designations
Jul 27, 2016Update on Reverse Discrimination Claims in New Mexico
Jul 26, 2016How the New FLSA Regulations May Impact You and Your Company
Jul 19, 2016Update on Medical Marijuana and Employment Law in New Mexico
Jul 13, 2016Guidance for New Mexico Employers: Misclassification of Independent Contractors
Jul 07, 2016Update on Challenge to U.S. EPA's Waters of the United States Rule
Jun 21, 2016New Mexico Mining Commission Narrowly Expands Minimal Impact Permitting Opportunities for Certain Mining Operations
Jun 16, 2016CERCLA Claims against United States and Laguna Pueblo Entities Dismissed
Jun 10, 2016EEOC Issues New Wellness Program Rules
Jun 03, 2016What New Mexico Employers Need to Know about the U.S. Supreme Court's Recent Decision Regarding Constructive Discharge Claims
Jun 01, 2016The DOL's New FLSA Regulations - Millions Entitled to Overtime Wages Beginning December 1, 2016
May 26, 2016Tribal Nations, CERCLA Litigation, and Sovereign Immunity
May 19, 2016Deal or no Deal? - Partial Dismissal of CERCLA Claims Against United States and Tribal Entities
May 18, 2016Endangered Species Act Issues Relevant to Public Lands
May 12, 2016HIPAA for New Mexico Covered Entity Employers: Avoiding Penalties
May 11, 2016The FAST Act Seeks to Expedite Multi-Agency NEPA Compliance for Large Infrastructure Projects
May 09, 2016Are New Mexico Employers Required to Accommodate Obesity Under the ADA?
May 05, 2016Reservation Diminishment: Implications for Tribal Taxing Powers over Non-Members
Apr 21, 2016Professor Kevin Washburn: Reflections on Service as Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs, the State of Indian Law in 2016, and Returning Home to New Mexico
Apr 13, 2016Scientific Opinions: Differences Between Federal and New Mexico Law
Mar 31, 2016New Mexico's Whistleblower Statute 101: A Crash Course
Mar 18, 2016Indian Law Cases Pending Before the Supreme Court Worth Following
Mar 11, 2016Indemnification Clauses after Safeway
Mar 08, 2016Four Changes to BIA's Right-Of-Way Regulations That Grantees and Applicants Should Know
Feb 24, 2016Wind Energy: Challenged Under Federal Regulations, but More Native American Nations Appear to Be Embracing Its Development
Feb 18, 2016Tips for Conducting Employee Investigations
Feb 17, 2016State Taxation Precluded by Extensive and Exclusive Federal Regulation of Indian Leasing
Feb 05, 2016Bondholders and Trustee Avoid Tribal Court Jurisdiction on Defaulted Bonds
Jan 28, 2016Federal District Court Sets Aside Fish and Wildlife Service's 30-Year Take Permit Rule Under Bald and Golden Eagle Act
Jan 28, 2016Protecting New Mexico Employers from Inadvertent FMLA Violations: What can your employee do (or not) while on FMLA leave?
Jan 27, 2016Modrall Sperling's Recent Successes for New Mexico Employers
Jan 14, 2016Seismic Operations Held Subject to Notice and Negotiation Requirements of Surface Owners Protection Act
Jan 12, 2016Water Rights as Collateral – Challenges and Considerations in Protecting and Assigning Value