Articles related to: Mining
Jun 21, 2016New Mexico Mining Commission Narrowly Expands Minimal Impact Permitting Opportunities for Certain Mining Operations
Jun 04, 2015Federal District Court Upholds Uranium Mining Within a Traditional Cultural Property Without Further NEPA Review and With Abbreviated NHPA Consultation
Jul 22, 2014Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Sacred Sites and Traditional Cultural Properties and the Role of Consultation and Free, Prior and Informed Consent
Jul 08, 2011Tribal-Industry Partners in Resource Development
May 19, 2010General Mining Law of 1872 Does Not Preempt New Mexico's Exploration Permitting Regime
Sep 11, 2009Developing Energy Projects on Federal Lands: Tribal Rights, Roles, Consultation, and Other Interests (A Developer's Perspective)
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Dec 26, 2006Three Barriers In The Nuclear Power Steeplechase
Jul 14, 2005Miles From Three Mile Isle; Warming To Nuclear Energy
Aug 13, 2004New Mexico Adopts More Stringent Uranium Ground Water Standard
Apr 07, 2000Joint Development of Potash and Oil and Gas Reserves; The Tenth Circuit Defers to the IBLA Rather than to BLM
Apr 03, 2000International Environmental Claims Against Mining Company Rejected
Jul 30, 1999Mining Commission Adopts Procedural Rules
Jun 24, 19991999 Federal Mining Law Update
Mar 06, 1998Natural Resources In and Around Indian Country
Mar 09, 1995Assignments and Consent; Let's be Reasonable!