Articles related to: Environmental
Jan 25, 2017EPA Publishes Final Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule
Aug 09, 2016BLM's Venting and Flaring Proposal
Aug 02, 2016New Rules and Draft Policy on Critical Habitat Designations
Jun 21, 2016New Mexico Mining Commission Narrowly Expands Minimal Impact Permitting Opportunities for Certain Mining Operations
Jun 16, 2016CERCLA Claims against United States and Laguna Pueblo Entities Dismissed
May 19, 2016Deal or no Deal? - Partial Dismissal of CERCLA Claims Against United States and Tribal Entities
May 18, 2016Endangered Species Act Issues Relevant to Public Lands
May 11, 2016The FAST Act Seeks to Expedite Multi-Agency NEPA Compliance for Large Infrastructure Projects
Apr 13, 2016Scientific Opinions: Differences Between Federal and New Mexico Law
Jan 28, 2016Federal District Court Sets Aside Fish and Wildlife Service's 30-Year Take Permit Rule Under Bald and Golden Eagle Act
Dec 04, 2015EPA Assesses Potential for Hydraulic Fracturing to Impact Drinking Water Sourcesi
Jun 16, 2015Understanding and Planning for How Bankruptcy Might Impact Responsibility for Environmental Liabilities
Jun 04, 2015Federal District Court Upholds Uranium Mining Within a Traditional Cultural Property Without Further NEPA Review and With Abbreviated NHPA Consultation
May 07, 2015Revised Draft Guidance Regarding Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change in NEPA Reviews
Apr 16, 2015No Mora Moratorium on Drilling
Jul 07, 2014Turning Guano into Gold
Oct 16, 2013Bad News in the Latest UN Report on Climate Change
Jun 15, 2012Consultation Under the Endangered Species Act on the Klamath River
Feb 13, 2009New Mexico Senate Bill 387 - Proposed Overhaul of the Natural Resources Trustee Act
Mar 20, 2007Competitiveness of New Domestic Nuclear Power In the Post-EPACT Environment
Feb 03, 2007The NEPA Process: What Do We Need To Do And When?
Dec 26, 2006New Mexico Supreme Court Reinstates Regulatory Takings
Dec 26, 2006Three Barriers In The Nuclear Power Steeplechase
Jul 14, 2005Miles From Three Mile Isle; Warming To Nuclear Energy
Aug 13, 2004New Mexico Adopts More Stringent Uranium Ground Water Standard
Oct 22, 2002The Impact of Atkinson on "Treatment as States" Jurisdictional Determinations
Aug 18, 2000EPA Issues Draft Guidance On Design Of Flexible Air Permits
May 18, 2000D.C. Circuit Affirms EPA's Clean Air Act Treatment As States Rule
Apr 03, 2000International Environmental Claims Against Mining Company Rejected
May 20, 1999The Clean Air Act "Treatment As States" Rule